Odor Control


First we need to determine what is causing the odor and remove it.

There are many different types of odors that come from different places. We can help you with Fire damage odors, Water damage odors, Smoker odors, Protein based odors, and the list goes on.

For our carpet odor control we offer a three stage deodorizing process with our cleaning.

Stage 1 – When we spray our special combination of degreaser before cleaning carpets to break down the stains, there is also a solution within it to combat odor.

Stage 2 – Once we start the super-heated steam cleaning process, direct from our water source within our van a high strength odor combating solution is diluted into the water.

Stage 3 – After our steam cleaning we spray a mild, deodorizer. However, if there is still a strong odor remaining we have stronger solutions to help with this.

Maybe you have pets, and they have had a few accidents? We can clean those spots up, sanitize it, and treat it with a pet enzyme which actually attacks it until it’s gone! Cutting edge solution just now breaking into the market, not available to the public, but we have it!

In some overpowering odor circumstances it is necessary to pull up the carpet, cut the pad out, seal the floor underneath, and then replace the pad. This is usually the last option.