Carpet Cleaning

  • We do a thorough pre inspection of the scheduled areas to determine the condition of the areas to be cleaned.
  • We vacuum all areas to be cleaned if needed.
  • We pre spray with a hydroforce pre sprayer that is connected to our state of the art truck mounted equipment. The benefit of a hydroforce is that the pre spray is being applied at 500 psi and 200 degrees to help break up the soiled dirt to be extracted out easily.
  • We take a carpet brush and agitate the traffic areas to loosen up the heavily soiled areas if needed.
  • We set-up the rest of the equipment and start to extract the soiled areas, clean, and deodorize.
  • We offer a 3 stage deodorizing process for no extra charge.
  • While we are extracting the soil out of the area, if we come across a spot that isn’t coming up, our certified technicians will determine what kind of spot it is and use of our many different solutions to professionally remove the stain.


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